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A message from founder, Sylvia Herrera
My goal is simple - Make It Happen.

The expectations placed on the design and contract furniture industry are increasingly challenging. You can no longer remain competitive with bland responses and design services that end at 5:00pm. Catalyst Design Studio is not limited by yesterday's conventions. It is a new model of service uniquely able to respond to your needs. Next day deadlines are an everyday occurrence in our industry. Now instead of turning down those opportunities, Catalyst Express Service can help you make it happen. 

Welcome to the new standard. A strong commitment to excellence is the foundation of Catalyst Design Studio. Faster turn-around does not mean lower quality. Our higher efficiency is driven by continuous exploration of new and better technology in order to find the best tools possible. The ability to provide Express Service stems from the willingness to challenge commonly accepted working hours. A passion for service and design is reflected in the quality and accuracy of our services. Whether it's a single workstation or a competitive bid, Catalyst proposals will set you and your product apart.

Instead of trying to keep up with industry standards, Catalyst Design Studio is creating the standards.

I am truly happy to be able to bring you this service.


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